From the desk of Deacon Victor

My Dear Fellow Parishioners,
Hopefully everyone is enjoying the summer and the warmth and rest it brings.
This space in the weekly bulletin will be reserved for me to speak directly with all of you. I hope to be as transparent and honest as I possibly can regarding not only some of the challenges we face as a parish, but also some of the progress and accomplishments that we realize.
Fathers Joy and John and I met this past Saturday to discuss the schedule for the priests that support sacramental obligations. Fr. Joy will be ministering to the majority of our spiritual needs. Fathers John and Binny as well as Lenny and Dan will help from time-to-time. So, we will always be cared for, receiving God’s graces without question or concern. Thank God for their willingness and dedication.
As for our parochial status, our parish is very fortunate. The Archbishop chose to leave us as a free-standing parish: not merged or required to transfer our money and records to another parish. Instead, he has entrusted this parish to all of us. And, though it’s a big responsibility, it’s ours to carry out to success or failure. Let me further state, there is no agenda with this decision. The Archdiocese is not going to close us or have us “fix up the place so it can be sold.” Truthfully, if anything like that was shared with me, I wouldn’t have taken on this position.
I realize that our personal lives can become hectic and church can sometimes take second place. Still, we will all have a specific need for our church someday—a wedding, funeral, baptism, a need to confess or counsel. If we don’t support this effort, there may not be a church to come to as we know it today. I also realize that if you’re reading this you’re here with us and I’m thankful for that. But, we must share this message if we’re going to move forward. So please tell anyone and everyone, especially those who are discouraged , confused or angry with the Church. Your physical presence, faith in God, and full support are all paramount to our success. Thanks for all you do for Saint Michael
God Bless!