Fr. Mathai’s Weekly Reflection

Dear Parishioners,
Happy Feast of the Archangels, especially of St. Michael our Patron. The Church keeps the Feast of the Three Archangels – Michael, Gabriel and Raphael together on September 29th. The New Testament makes several references to angels, but uses the word “archangel” only twice, at 1 Thessalonians 4:16 and Jude 1:9.

In the Hebrew language Michael means “Who is like God” or “Who is equal to God”. The Archangel Michael is especially considered to be the Guardian of the Orthodox Faith and a fighter against heresies. Gabriel means “God is my strength” or “Might of God”. He is the herald of the mysteries of God, especially the Incarnation of God and all other mysteries related to it. Raphael means “It is God who heals” or “God Heals”.

We see in the Archangels the manifestation of the immense love of God for mankind. God who reveals Himself through His word of Good News, who heals us from our infirmities, and who constantly protects us from the evils around us.

We are under the special protection of St. Michael. As a parish family we thank him and place ourselves under his care. Michael empowers people to let go of fear and live with the passion of being on fire with love for the God who loves them.

God bless you all with a truly blessed feast and in this time of testing, may St. Michael keep us strong in our faith.

Happy Feast of our Patron St. Michael

✝ Fr. Mathai Vellappallil SDB