Fr. Mathai’s Weekly Reflection


Dear Parishioners,
The 9th World Meeting of Families will be held in Dublin from August 21-26, 2018. Thousands of families and individuals from all over the world are expected to take part. The theme for the world meeting is The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World. The World Meeting of Families will focus on key issues related to family drawn from Pope Francis’ teachings in The Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia). Some of the key topics are – The role of technology in the Family; – The impact of conflict on families and children, – Building a more sustainable approach to the economy, – Work and the environment, – Faith and family, – Women’s leadership roles, globally and locally, – The role of education in raising families out of poverty.

I am sharing some reflections given by Pope Francis on this theme:

It is only from love that the family can “manifest, spread, and regenerate God’s love in the world.” God’s love is the starting point for the family and allows the family to love one another and reach out in mercy to others who are wounded and mistreated.

2. We need to interact with one another and strive to live
a life based on love, for love, and in love.

Strengthen family relationships through the use of the words “please”, “thank you,” and “I’m sorry.”

While man experiences hurt and fragility, a “renewed humility” of heart within families can offer healing and mercy.

During this week we shall pray for the success of the World Meeting of Families and make renewed efforts to make our families a place of God’s love in action.

✝ Fr. Mathai Vellappallil SDB