From the desk of Deacon Victor

My Dear Fellow Parishioners,

     We celebrated liturgy for the first time with our new missals/hymnals, Breaking Bread.  They are an all-inclusive edition so they are a bit larger than what we’re used to.  It does reduce shipping costs to once a year instead of 4.  Hopefully they will be a welcomed worship aid  by everyone!

     We’re still in the bid process for the new church roof, as we have to get at least 3 bids to present to Hartford.  As I said last week, a capital campaign is not required, but our “Raise the Roof” fund will help defray costs.  These free-will donations will be applied specifically toward the roof project.  Envelopes are now available in the church and rectory, as well as E-Giving. If you can, please consider a donation.

     The commemorative Christmas ornament was offered last weekend and was very well received with over 85 orders already! All proceeds from the sale will go toward the new roof.  The cost of each ornament will be around $5. Hopefully this is not cost prohibitive and we will be honored to display this keepsake in our homes.

     Pot O’ Gold tickets will be available for purchase and Christmas gift-giving starting 12/10. You can pre-order by filling out the pre-order forms available in church or the church office. Also, we are in need of volunteers to help with the various sub-committees of the raffle. Call Melanie Miranda or the church office for information.

     Get Together Weekend will be next weekend, 12/14 & 15 in the Lyceum after all Masses.  Please join us for fellowship and a chance to meet with the various committees and groups that are active in our parish.  There will be free coffee ‘and’ for everyone!

     Christmas, New Year’s and Confessions Schedules will be going to all parishioners very shortly.  It’s my sincere hope that we who are present every week can encourage at least one person who has been away to ‘come home’ at this special time!

     Please let me know if you need me in any way.  May God and Saint Michael bless us always,

 Deacon Victor