Sunday Mass at St. Michael Parish can be viewed online!

Our private Mass, can be viewed online, beginning at 9:00 am on Sundays!  Please click on the  link on the home page of our website to view the Masses.  Masses will be broadcast live on Facebook then archived to YouTube. Please be sure to subscribe to our page on YouTube for the archives and like the videos.

Please note:  When clicking on the link on our website, you will be brought to our Facebook Page.  If you do not wish to log into or subscribe to Facebook, you can still view the Mass by clicking “Not Now” under the green “Create New Account” rectangle.  You will then be able to view the Mass without logging into Facebook.  The recorded Masses and services will also be available to be viewed on our YouTube channel at your convenience.  If you would like to view the Mass at a later time, please follow the same steps for watching on Facebook, since a link will be posted to bring you to YouTube.